Am I the Right Candidate for Mediation?

Am I the Right Candidate for Mediation?

Mediation is a great option for civil couples who wish to separate. If the two parties are able to come to a mutual agreement on the terms of their separation, including child custody, division of property, and spousal support, then mediation may be the best choice. 

The process of mediation includes the couple calmly negotiating their separation terms with one lawyer present who is representing both parties. This option is much quicker, easier and more cost-effective than going to divorce court. Many couples prefer mediation because it allows for more variation in life’s busy schedule after the separation.  

Both parties need to be open to compromise because this is how solutions are created. 

Of course, divorce mediation is not ideal for every couple. Some factors you may want to consider before making a decision include; are both parties in agreeance on the divorce, do the parties wish to remain friends after, are children involved, what is the financial situation, etc. 

Even if both parties just want what is fair, the term fair means different things to different people. Mediation is only the better option if the couple comes into the discussion fully aware of the terms they have previously agreed upon. In order for it to be a cost-effective solution, it needs to be time conscious, which means come to the table with as many pre-established arrangements as possible. 

The separation process is always an emotional and stressful time for everyone. At NB Family Law, you are not alone, and we help to make this time as painless and easy as possible. Give us a call today at (940) 566-0606 or go online and visit our website at  

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