Non-Essential Court Hearings to Resume in Denton County

Non-Essential Court Hearings to Resume in Denton County

After months of court closures to non-essential hearings, Denton County announced that these in-person hearings – excluding jury trials – may resume beginning on June 1. 

While it is still recommended that remote hearings occur when possible, the county is improving the safety measures at all government buildings that plan to reopen.

If you are attending an in-person nonessential hearing or need to visit a government building during this time, here are the current safety measures in place:

  • Temperature checks are being installed at five locations: County Courts Building (McKinney St.), Denton County Public Health (Loop 288), Juvenile courts and detention centers at Copeland Government Center (FM 424), the Charlie J. Cole Government Building (Woodrow Ln.), and the Elections Administration and Adult Probation (Kimberly Dr.).
  • Employees are required to wear masks at all times.
  • Masks and hand sanitizer will be available for public use in government buildings, and social distancing measures are encouraged.
  • Plastic shields are being installed at all workstations in contact with the public.
  • County facilities are to be cleaned and disinfected regularly.

You can read more about the full safety procedures here.

The team at NB Family Law is dedicated to resolving your unique case and is fully prepared to conduct in-person hearings as needed. 

We have been conducting virtual mediations and hearings via video conference per state recommendation and will continue to do so for your convenience. While government buildings are set to reopen, we understand that not every person may be comfortable with an in-person hearing during this time. If you would like to learn more about your options in resolving your case, contact us at (940) 566-0606.

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