Virtual Mediations Help Move Pending Cases Forward During COVID Crisis

Virtual Mediations Help Move Pending Cases Forward During COVID Crisis

With most courts throughout the State of Texas, including the four major counties of the Metroplex, closing their courtrooms to “non-essential” hearings as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, many cases may be left stagnant for the time being – but they do not have to be. NB Family Law understands that we all find ourselves in unprecedented situations, and we are available to help you navigate your family law matters through virtual mediations.

What does this mean?

Most family law cases will need temporary orders during the pendency of the case, and all family law cases will need a final order to resolve the case. With the courts closed through the coming weeks, and possible month(s), the need to reach agreements on child custody and divorce issues may be the first option. While agreements may be reached without a mediator, many times a neutral and experienced third-party mediator can provide an invaluable insight to both parties in their negotiations and agreements. Agreements reached in mediation can be for new or pending cases needing temporary orders, or for cases that are ripe for finalization.

What counties do you mediate for?

Virtual Mediations Help Move Pending Cases Forward During COVID Crisis

While we office in the Dallas Fort Worth area, virtual mediations allow us to mediate throughout the entire State of Texas. 

How does it work?

Our goal, is to make virtual mediations as normal and efficient as in-office mediations. With cutting-edge technology, we are able to create two (or more) mediation rooms for each party and their attorney (as applicable). The parties and attorneys will be kept separate by the mediator from the moment they enter the mediation from the comfort of their office, home or home office. As the mediator, I have the ability to keep the conversations private with each party and to group both parties in to one conversation. I also have the ability to give privacy to either party, at any time, if requested.

Can we sign an agreement that day?

When the parties reach an agreement in mediation, their agreement (whether temporary or final) will be written in a mediated settlement agreement. Even through the virtual mediation, the mediated settlement agreement will be circulated to your phone, tablet or computer for signature by each party and their attorney, that day.

To learn more about virtual mediations with NB Family Law, or to schedule a virtual mediation, please contact our Denton office at 940.566.0606.

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