When CPS is Involved – Tips on What to Do

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When CPS is Involved – Tips on What to Do

The Department of Child Protective Services (CPS) is an agency whose goal is to look out for the welfare of children. There are many reasons that they may get involved with your case. When this happens, it can be a scary time. Thoughts of CPS can conjure worst-case scenarios that you never want to be a part of.

If Child Protective Services is involved, there are a few tips that are good to keep in mind to help you during your case. We will discuss some below.

Be polite.

This may seem like common sense, but the arrival of CPS can bring high levels of stress, anxiety, and emotion. Despite all of this, it is important to be polite to anyone from the agency that you are interacting with. Regarding them with anger can only make things more difficult. When it comes to your children, you do not want the agency to be upset with you for being angry or rude. This would likely only hurt your case in the long run.

Take the situation seriously.

CPS involvement is serious. Treat the situation seriously and make sure to respond accordingly. Act as if you are on a job interview or at work. Keep everything as professionally toned as you can.

Know your rights.

If CPS does come knocking on your door, you do not have to let them in unless they have a court order allowing them to have immediate access to your child. If they don’t, you can firmly but politely let them know that they will need one to enter. If they do have the necessary court order, you have to let them in. You can stay quiet while they are there until you get an attorney. 

Make a record of everything.

Be sure to keep a record of every person, the date and time, and the content of what you spoke to that person about. Ask for the worker’s title and contact information and confirm in writing what was discussed. In addition, document everything as much as you can. Just be sure to avoid aggravating the agency in the process. 

Have an attorney.

Although you can represent yourself in family law cases, hiring an attorney is important, especially when Child Protective Services is involved. An attorney can help inform you about how these proceedings work and advise you further on the next steps that you should take. In addition to that, they can serve as your legal advocate. Child Protective Services can take your children away from you on a short-term and long-term basis. An attorney can possibly help you avoid this situation or help fight to get your children back if they are taken away. 

If you are in a situation in which the Department of Child Protective Services is involved, consider contacting Navarrette | Bowen, P.C. With the main office in downtown Denton, we have a team of experienced divorce lawyers that can help. You can contact us to set up a confidential consultation to discuss your circumstances and receive guidance. Reach out today to see if we can help.

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