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In Texas, collaborative law is a form of alternative dispute resolution used to help divorcing spouses avoid litigation and instead work together to find agreeable legal solutions. Once two individuals decide to pursue this process, they and their corresponding attorneys are legally obligated to follow through. Because it is binding, collaborative law allows for greater cooperation between two individuals throughout the divorce process.

At Navarrette | Bowen, P.C., our collaborative law attorneys in Denton and the surrounding areas can help you work toward an agreeable, personalized solution that benefits both you and your spouse. Our collaboratively-trained team will work to understand your objectives and address the specific issues present in your legal family matter. Our goal is to help you find alternatives to litigation and sound, amicable resolutions to family disputes.

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What Are the Advantages of Collaborative Law?

Dealing with a divorce, child custody battle, or other family law issue is often incredibly stressful for those involved. The litigation process can compound negative emotions due to the fact that it inherently pits you against your spouse or family member. In contrast, collaborative law allows you to discuss various issues with your spouse in order to find solutions that work.

Some benefits of choosing collaborative law to resolve your legal family matter include:

  • Saving time, money, and stress by avoiding litigation
  • Resolving issues in a way that benefits both parties
  • Finding unique, custom solutions based on your situation
  • Avoiding having to rely on the objective judgment of a court
  • The ability to communicate your wishes and objectives
  • Improving cooperation and compromise

When you choose to pursue a collaborative approach to your divorce or family issue, you, your spouse, and both of your attorneys will sign an agreement that you will not pursue litigation. If you and your spouse are truly unable to agree after signing the agreement, your attorneys will no longer be able to represent you and will instead refer you to attorneys who can litigate on your behalf. This encourages all parties involved to really work on finding agreeable settlements, rather than take a case to court.

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Our divorce and family lawyers are prepared to help you navigate the collaborative law process. We are members of the Collaborative Law Institute of Texas, as well as the Texas Academy of Family Law Specialists and our attorneys have been selected for inclusion in the Super Lawyers® Rising Stars℠ list. We have helped countless couples work together to find agreeable settlements and mutually beneficial resolutions. No matter how complex your situation may be, we can provide you with the objective legal counsel you need and the skilled assistance you deserve.

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