Spring Break Vacations – What a Single Parent Should Know When Taking the Kid(s) Abroad

Spring Break Vacations – What a Single Parent Should Know When Taking the Kid(s) Abroad

When March comes around, every parent and school-aged child has one thing on their mind: Spring Break. While this week off from classes is intended to be a time of fun and relaxation, it can be stressful for single parents wanting to plan vacations.

If you are a single parent who has gone through divorce proceedings, you may already be aware of specific provisions written into your agreement regarding taking your child(ren) on vacations. As this is something that require compliance to state, federal or international laws, many family law courts may include specific provisions or restrictions related to traveling abroad with your children, including obtaining permission or agreement from the other parent to do so.

The Single Parent's Guide to Spring Break Vacations Abroad

You may be wondering, why is it such a big deal if I want to take my child on a European vacation? The answer is somewhat complicated. With the global rise of parental kidnapping and human trafficking, [most] airlines require written consent from each parent, in the form of a letter or formal document, that the child is authorized to be taken out of the country. This is just an extra precaution to ensure the rights and safety of everyone involved in the child’s life.

If you are a single parent planning a trip abroad for spring break with your kids, do not forget to have the other parent sign a consent form. We have provided an example here for your convenience. U.S. Customs and Border Patrol also recommends that this form be notarized. If you are in a situation where the other parent has terminated their rights or is no longer involved in the child’s life, it is also recommended that you carry some other form of identification that would prove this, such as a copy of the birth certificate, divorce decree or court order.

If you have questions about child custody or how your current agreement fits in to the changing lifestyle of your family, contact one of our experienced family law attorneys by calling (940) 566-0606 or visiting to nbfamilylaw.com to schedule at consultation.

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